Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT! DEMO.Margin.Exchange is a cryptocurrency demo exchange that is designed to study cryptocurrency trading and other cryptocurrency transactions.


Each user of the Demo exchange receives a demo account with virtual coins from the test network (TestNet Coins).

The demo exchange emulates real trading, the data on the rates are taken from a real exchange, which allows users to train in cryptocurrency transactions, study trading, test their trading strategies without risking losing real money.

Virtual currencies available for trading on the demo exchange - USD, BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC.

All professional tools of the real exchange are available to the user - a lot of types of orders, regular trading, margin trading, margin funding, a chart from TradingView.

The user is also available for training cryptocurrency deposit/withdrawal operations (on the TestNet network), generating and activating crypto codes, creating and paying invoices, creating tickets to describe detected problems in the system.


All actions performed by the user on the Demo Exchange do not bear any risk for him to lose real money.